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Episode 5

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30th Mar 2021

Differences between Advanced Holistic Therapists and Newbies

Where do you see yourself as a therapist, are you in the new or advanced category? How do you decide which type of holistic practitioner you want to be? What are some of the most common holistic practices?


  • New practitioners
  • Advanced practitioners
  • Recap on the previous 4 episodes


This could be someone who fresh out of college or maybe someone who has some experience but is new to using holistic strategies.

  • Not sure how or where to start
  • Still building enough confidence
  • In the discovery phase
  • May make the mistake of taking on too many trainings and not applying the lessons
  • Feeling isolated and may experience imposter syndrome


They feel confident in their practice and have internal ease with connecting mind, body, and spirit.

  • Actively seeking out others in the field to network and consult with
  • Utilizing the support of the community
  • Know which areas to focus on, and don't take on too many trainings - instead, they are always advancing their skills in their chosen field


  1. Introduction and Discover Holistic Therapy
  2. Legal and Ethical issues in Holistic Therapy
  3. How to integrate holistic strategies into clinical practice safely and effectively
  4. An overview of the most common holistic therapies

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The Holistic Counseling Podcast hosted by Chris McDonald, a Licensed Professional Counselor, inspires mental health therapists to explore treatment options outside the realm of traditional therapy. Yes, Chris knows all about the stigmas attached to holistic therapy, yet she also knows how the client benefits far outweigh the looks, what-ifs, and worries about what people will think of you as a Mental Health Professional.

With a 200-hour Yoga Teacher and Group Practice Owner to her name, Chris specializes in treating anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief in young adults. She has seen firsthand how beneficial mindfulness, relaxation skills, meditation, and yoga have been in supplementing traditional therapy - especially in today’s world.

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Chris McDonald is a Licensed Professional Counselor and holistic provider with a group practice, “Path to Hope Counseling” in North Raleigh. She is a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher and offers gentle yoga classes, workshops and private yoga sessions. She specializes in treatment of anxiety, depression, trauma and grief in young adults in transition. She teaches clients relaxation skills, mindfulness, meditation and uses Brainspotting in treatment of trauma. Chris also offers Therapy for Therapists and wrote the book “Holistic Self-Care for Counselors.” She is passionate about helping other Mental Health Therapists and created “The Holistic Counseling Podcast.” Her favorite holistic daily rourtines include yoga and meditation.