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Mar 25, 2022

You are not too Woo Woo!

You are not too Woo Woo!

In this blog post, we explore the world of holistic therapy and the challenges that holistic therapists and providers may face when sharing their practices with the world. The author emphasizes the importance of authenticity and self-acceptance, encouraging readers not to shy away from their holistic beliefs for fear of judgment or ridicule.

The article is for Holistic Therapists and acknowledges that not everyone is open to holistic practices, but it urges holistic readers to approach skeptics with compassion and understanding. Finding a holistic community or tribe is highlighted as a valuable support system for those who may feel isolated in their beliefs.

Transformative Insight Imagery – (TII)

Transformative Insight Imagery – (TII)

Explore the profound world of Transformative Insight Imagery (TII) in therapy. TII goes beyond guided imagery and visualization, connecting you deeply with your inner images to uncover hidden truths for personal and professional growth. This versatile tool can aid in personal development, professional enhancement, and therapeutic work with clients.

What is Transformative Insight Imagery?
TII taps into your inner world, drawing sensory material and wisdom from your own psyche and history. It involves a body-centered approach, enhancing awareness of physical sensations and emotional holdings. A co-facilitator is there to guide and support the process, allowing the imager to trust themselves and heal what arises.

Who Can Benefit and Who Should Avoid TII?
TII is suitable for various age groups, including children, and can be integrated with different therapeutic modalities. However, caution should be exercised with individuals experiencing reality testing issues, active delusions, specific brain injuries affecting reality testing, or advanced dementia.

Benefits for Clients
Discover how TII can aid clients in healing from trauma, anxiety, and limiting beliefs. It facilitates emotional regulation, mindfulness development, and the transformation of intrusive thoughts. Clients can access inner resources and integrate lost selves into their present lives, leading to powerful ripple effects.

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