Episode 124 The Sacred Dance Of The Divine Masculine & Feminine: Interview with Vanessa Grace

Jun 14, 2023

How do the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies interplay within ourselves and our relationships? How do we begin to recognize, honor, and integrate these energies into our everyday lives?

MEET Vanessa Grace

Vanessa Grace is helping women steep in their innate Divine Feminine.  She is a Radiance Coach and Licensed Social Worker who transformed through the fires of becoming UnCodependent and having a Spiritual Awakening.  She loves to talk about epigenetics, chakras, and why your menstrual cycle is the secret to everything.  Her expertise, kind heart, and a dash of light humor help her clients heal the life experiences and trauma that created their heartache, to begin with.  Vanessa joins mental health, spiritual practices, and life aspirations to help women create the lives they really want for themselves.  Her private coaching, group coaching, and retreats help you truly transform from the inside.  If you want to heal your soul to become a strong self, she’s got you covered!

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The Soul Amplified Podcast


  • What do the terms “divine feminine” and “divine masculine” mean? 2:25
  • What are the traits of the wounded feminine & wounded masculine? 10:53
  • How can parts work be applied to understanding masculine & feminine energy? 27:37

What Do The Terms “Divine Feminine” and “Divine Masculine” Mean?

  • Energy vs. gender when discussing divine feminine and masculine
  • Understanding the concept of wounded feminine and masculine
  • What are the “core” needs of the divine feminine and masculine
  • How do the divine feminine and masculine work together in all of us

What Are The Traits Of The Wounded Feminine & The Wounded Masculine?

  • A look at the psychological framework of gender roles and when there is an imbalance
  • What is our Core Essence?
  • Recognizing these traits as a therapists
  • What does the term “fawning” mean?

How Can Parts Work Be Applied To Understanding Masculine & Feminine Energy?

  • The importance of taking a look at your inner child
  • How to be more in your divine feminine and masculine
  • Educating clients about healing wounded feminine or masculine
  • How do these dynamics work in relationships?

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Resources Mentioned And Useful Links:

Find out more at Soul Amplified and connect with Vanessa on Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn

The Soul Amplified Podcast

The Way of the Superior Man: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire by David Deida

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